Missing dog returned to owners after years

March 16, 2010 5:09:01 PM PDT
A 5-year-old Rottweiler named Butch is back home with his family in suburban Riverside after being missing for nearly four years.

Butch vanished from the family's fenced in backyard but turned up Monday 40 miles away on a porch just outside of Gary, Indiana.

The Simmons family received a phone call from the Lake County, Indiana animal control that they found the dog and a microchip embedded in him directing them to the family.

"I never thought anybody was ever going to find him or intentionally turn him over," said Kerry Simmons.

Matthew Simmons said he purchased the Rottweiler for close to $1,000 so that he would protect the family.

Butch appears to be comfortable being back home. The family says it is as if he never left.

"Everybody gets these chips in their dogs and for all the families that have lost loved animals and stuff like that, here's a perfect example," said Matthew Simmons.

Butch was apparently found on Monday morning on a porch outside of Gary, Indiana. Animal control told the family that the dog appeared to be well taken care of and had been neutered. Mrs. Simmons says the dog never wants to leave her side.

"However, he got to Indiana I don't think the intentions were good, however he got down there. But I think someone good ended up with him," said Kerry Simmons.

"I am very happy. I'm just wondering how he got all the way to Gary, Indiana," said Mattia Simmons. "He follows my mom every where she goes."

The Simmons family cannot believe their dog is home after so many years. They say they now feel safe and protected. They believe Butch was stolen from their backyard.

"He was a puppy. It was an expensive puppy. People know that," said Kerry Simmons.

Kerry Simmons is Stacy Peterson's stepsister. Peterson has been missing for more than two years.