Police: Gary woman beaten by neighbors

March 30, 2010 8:14:23 PM PDT
Police say a northwest Indiana woman was beaten after she asked her neighbors to turn down the music on their car stereo.

The attack happened Saturday morning in Gary.

Police say the suspects tried to follow Deborah Clark into her home. There was a struggle and police say the suspects hit Clark in the face, then kicked and punched her when she she fell to the ground.

Her family says she suffered a broken jaw and eye socket, bruises and possibly broken ribs.

"And Deborah got up and I didn't recognize her. Blood was everywhere. Her face was terrible. I didn't even recognize her," said Doris Warmack, Clark's grandmother.

Clark was having trouble breathing and underwent surgery Tuesday.

A neighbor says those involved did turn down the music and she claims she did not see an attack.

Police have not made any arrests.