Group protests Ronald McDonald

March 31, 2010 3:43:25 PM PDT
Is it time for Ronald McDonald to retire? Some people believe so.

A group gathered Wednesday outside a McDonald's in Chicago trying to get people to sign petitions.

A new report and national poll released Wednesday by corporate accountability international claims close to half the public favors the clown retiring.

A spokesperson for the organization accuses Ronald McDonald of helping cause children to become more obese and less healthy.

"We're asking McDonald's to retire Ronald McDonald. So that kids won't just automatically want to eat McDonalds without thinking whether it's good for them or not," said one protester.

McDonald's released a statement on the matter. They say that Ronald McDonald is a beloved brand ambassador who is the heart and soul of Ronald McDonald House Charities. Also, they say he helps deliver messages to families on many important subjects such as safety, literacy, the importance of physical activity and making balanced food choices.