Judge delays police torture trial

May 24, 2010 10:39:20 AM PDT
The trial of former CPD commander Jon Burge has been moved from May 10 to May 24 to give defense attorneys additional time to prepare.

Burge is charged with perjury and obstruction of justice in connection to the alleged torture of murder suspects while in his custody.

He was the commander of a South Side violent crimes unit where suspects were allegedly burned, beaten, shocked and subjected to other forms of torture in the 1970s and 80s.

Burge, who was fired in 1993, has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

There are now reports that a new federal grand jury is expanding the investigation of police torture to include Burge's so-called Midnight Crew, those officers who worked overnight under his command.

None of the officers under Burge's command has ever been charged in connection with the torture allegations. Burge and his detectives have maintained they mistreated no one.