Great Bear Wilderness at Brookfield Zoo

May 28, 2010 3:38:38 PM PDT
Great Bear Wilderness, the largest exhibit ever undertaken by Brookfield Zoo, is the new home for the zoo's polar bears, grizzly bears, bison, bald eagles, and ravens-- and also for the Mexican gray wolves exhibited at Regenstein Wolf Woods.Great Bear Wilderness is the latest expression of Brookfield Zoo's commitment to providing the very best in animal welfare, education, and guest experience.

The exhibit offers a National Park-like experience, featuring more than 30-thousand new plantings which replicate prairie, temperate forest, and tundra landscapes. Walking along a winding path, guests will encounter iconic and culturally-significant North American species while learning about their past and present status, and threats to their survival.

Highlights include views of bison roaming across a vast prairie setting and three bear habitats each with natural substrate and water features containing between 78-thousand and 80-thousand gallons-- plus an underwater viewing area which allows guests to watch polar bears swimming.

Great Bear Wilderness
Brookfield Zoo
33000 Golf Road
Opens May 8