Kate Collins returns to All My Children

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Good news for anyone into fun or insanity: Kate Collins is reprising her All My Children role as Amanda's nutty mother, Janet "From Another Planet" Dillon (nee Green). When last seen in 2007, Janet was being shipped off to a mental institution (for kidnapping Tad and Krystal's baby).

This time around, Janet believes she knows what's best for Amanda's burgeoning modeling career. And those plans don't include Jake.

Kate Collins first joined All My Children in 1985 as Janet's twin, Natalie Hunter. In 1991, Kate started playing dumpy, insane Janet -- who kidnapped Natalie, threw her down a well, and then impersonated her in a story we guarantee every third person at a cocktail party knows. Since exiting the show in a full-time capacity back in 1993, Kate's popped up as Janet (and the ghost of Natalie) off and on.

ALL MY CHILDREN: Janet storylines

Monday 5/3/10

Amanda hears groans coming from her closet and finds an unconscious Natalia along with a best model/daughter statue. Janet reveals herself to her daughter and tells Amanda that she wants to move to Milan and help with her modeling career. While Amanda's in shock and scared of her mother she makes it clear she can't go; Janet threatens to shoot Natalia. She's even gone so far as to produce fake passports and says they are leaving the country. When Natalia finally comes too, she unties Amanda while Janet waits for Jake to get home, gun in hand.

Tuesday 5/4/10

Jake comes home and with the help of Brot is able to get Janet under control as they wait for the police. Amanda recalls the horror her mother put her through and Jake does his best to shield his wife from Janet's "toxic" love.

Thursday 5/6/10

Jake tries to get Amanda's mind off what's happened and encourages her to take the baby over to Opal's to play with the other kids. He promises Janet will be taken care of. She winds up at the hospital and confides to her husband that she's afraid of winding up like her mother. While he doesn't think that will happen, he agrees to let her to go into Janet's room to see her one more time.

Friday 5/7/10

Amanda tries to say goodbye to Janet who makes it clear that there is no such thing as loving your child too much. She claims she killed Amanda's father because Amanda loved him more than her. As Amanda tells her mother she won't be like that Janet has a seizure. As Jake attempts to save her life he sends Amanda home.

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