Tulip named in honor of Maggie Daley

July 21, 2010 11:38:27 AM PDT
A new tulip has been named in honor of Maggie Daley. It's the first time that such an honor has been given to a mayoral first lady.

A floral carpet depicts "Tulipa Maggie Daley." It took 12 years to create the flower. This spring, you'll be able to see it blooming for the first time at several locations along North Michigan Avenue.

The tulip and the floral carpet are all part of the seventh annual "Tulips on the Magnificent Mile." The consul general of the Netherlands says Tulipa Maggie Daley recognizes her love of the flower.

"I carried tulips on my wedding day. That's all, just a magnificent bunch of tulips. So I do have a love affair with them, and to have one named for me is an honor beyond measure," said Maggie Daley.

Mrs. Daley was using crutches after having suffering a fractured leg while she recovers from cancer treatment.