Easy Eyebrow Makeovers

June 1, 2010 5 Tips You Should Know About Grooming your Brows
Decide on your brow shape first and measure it correctly to match your face
Do not tweeze, wax or thread as that is permanent hair removal
Do not use fill-in color that is darker than your natural color, you want to be as close as possible
Do trim brows if needed
Don't stand too close to the mirror when doing your brows

3 Most Common Eyebrow Mistakes
Don't try to determine the shape without measuring
Don't allow too much space in between the eyes
Don't remove hair against the direction of the growth

The tool used in this demonstratino was the Precision Brow Planer, which is a part of the Christi Harris Precision Brow Planing System. You can purchase the Christi Harris Precision Brow Planing System from her website: http://www.christiharris.com/

Drawing on her background in education and modeling, Christi Harris empowers women to become their own best beauty experts. Through Christi's unique expertise and streamlined beauty routines, Christi has helped countless women pare down their makeup, skin and hair regimens and be their own expert makeup artists at her Beaute Playgrounds in Dallas and Houston.

Christi's philosophy that "beauty should be affordable and attainable to everyone at any age" has consistently guided her in helping women experience immediate, dramatic results. With the development of Precision Brow Planning, Christi takes her expertise one step farther, allowing women to effortlessly and effectively become their own aestheticians at home. With a foolproof tool and step-by-step regimen, the Precision Blow Planer allows women to remove unwanted hair and maintain perfectly shaped brows, putting authoritative expertise in real women's hands.

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