Wild turkey turns heads in Lake Bluff

June 1, 2010 (LAKE BLUFF, Ill.) It's not where you would expect to see a wild turkey, but a busy intersection of Route 176 and Green Bay Road is where the turkey has been spotted almost daily for the past several weeks.

"I've sent he turkey a whole bunch of times. It's amazing because he just hangs out by the side of the road. I can't imagine that the guy doesn't get hit," said Drew Bitner, who has spotted the turkey.

"Every time I come this way I see it. I've seen it on the post there. I've never seen it really cause any problems, although the first time I saw it I almost did wreck because I wasn't used to it," said cyclist Kate McAlpine.

Some people think that it's not just one bird at work but a flock of turkeys that has invaded the intersection.

"There's a whole flock of 'em," said Sam Korcovelos.

Others believe the wild turkey isn't wild at all but an escapee from the nearby Crab Tree Farm.

Lake Bluff police said in a press release they are working with the Department of Natural Resources and wildlife centers to find a resolution to the situation.

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