Wild turkey turns heads in Lake Bluff

June 2, 2010 5:41:05 AM PDT
A wild turkey is trotting through the streets of one Chicago suburb. The bird has been strutting its stuff in Lake Bluff, and it is ruffling some feathers of residents. It's not where you would expect to see a wild turkey, but a busy intersection of Route 176 and Green Bay Road is where the turkey has been spotted almost daily for the past several weeks.

"I've sent he turkey a whole bunch of times. It's amazing because he just hangs out by the side of the road. I can't imagine that the guy doesn't get hit," said Drew Bitner, who has spotted the turkey.

"Every time I come this way I see it. I've seen it on the post there. I've never seen it really cause any problems, although the first time I saw it I almost did wreck because I wasn't used to it," said cyclist Kate McAlpine.

Some people think that it's not just one bird at work but a flock of turkeys that has invaded the intersection.

"There's a whole flock of 'em," said Sam Korcovelos.

Others believe the wild turkey isn't wild at all but an escapee from the nearby Crab Tree Farm.

Lake Bluff police said in a press release they are working with the Department of Natural Resources and wildlife centers to find a resolution to the situation.