Student sues police after being videotaped using toilet

June 4, 2010 2:56:54 PM PDT
A college student arrested for driving under the influence is suing Palos Hills police after discovering she was videotaped while using a jail cell toilet.

Lauren Harrison of Hickory Hills was arrested in December. Harrison said a guard watched her use the toilet twice. She later learned it was videotaped.

"It's embarrassing. I mean, I don't even want my parents to watch me using the restroom, let alone strangers," said Harrison.

"Our goal is to stop the practice and to have Ms. Harrison made whole again," said April Preyar, Harrison's attorney.

Harrison's attorneys filed a federal civil rights lawsuit Friday claiming the videotaping is unconstitutional and invade inmates' privacy. They say there may be hundreds of victims.

The police say signs warn that the department is under video and audio surveillance. Police say the surveillance protects the department and inmates.