Still no charges in fatal crash

June 23, 2010 (CHICAGO)

Itali Hinton, 11, was struck by a car in the 2500-block of East 79th Street Tuesday around 7 p.m. She died shortly after at a local hospital.

"There was like a snapping," said witness Juretharan Williams. "It sounded like a snapping and then a beeping, and everybody was at the window and seeing an individual across the street. I mean, it was so hot and everything, so I didn't know it was a little girl. I just saw an individual. We saw an individual. It was just sad."

Police said the driver stopped briefly, but took off a moment later.

"He stopped momentarily and then pulled down the street almost to the corner and pulled over. At the time, the crowd was out, and the crowd was, like, 'Stop that van! Stop him! Get him! Get the license plate number,'" said a Ulysses Dennis, witness.

Police found the van overnight and took the 67-year-old man into custody. He has not been charged as of 5 p.m.

Hinton's family said the Beasley Elementary School student wanted to be a model when she grew. She was supposed to attend a fashion modeling camp next week.

"She was nice, sweet and was going to play," said Tia Muhammad, victim's friend. The two were on a cheerleading team together.

"She was a good cheerleader. And she listened to everything the captain said and all that," said Tia.

"She was quiet, very respectful little girl," said Kimberly Brewer, neighbor.

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