Profanity-filled message on Lindsay Lohan's fingernails?

July 7, 2010 (LOS ANGELES)

The judge ruled the 24-year-old violated her probation on drug charges three years ago. Lohan burst into tears when the sentence was read.

A close-up of Lohan's fingernail reveals what could be a defiant message with profanity written over the nail polish on her middle finger.

Celebrity defense attorney Mark Geragos believes that the judge's sentence was too harsh.

"She is being treated more harshly than anybody else would in a similar situation. So, I think there is, to some degree, from her standpoint, she feels like she's being treated unfairly. Everybody assumes that she is an addict and that she needs help and has got to do something. The fact remains if she was anybody else, Lindsay Smith, she wouldn't be treated this way," said Geragos.

Lohan must surrender to authorities on July 20th. reports that during Lohan's probation period, the actress was taking amphetamines and painkillers prescribed to her after dental surgery.

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