Statement by Jennifer Loudon, wife of Officer Thor Soderberg

July 8, 2010 7:35:13 PM PDT
"I am terribly devastated. I know many of you want to help. Here is what you can do. If you have the opportunity to do something and change someone's life for the better, do it.

"Start by taking care of every child. Thor and I knew that each young person needs five important adults and one strong adult to provide a positive influence in their lives. In his honor, please use a kind word, a smile - as much as you can give to help someone in need. Every one of us can do a tremendous amount of good to impact a child, even one that isn't ours.

"It was critically important to Thor and I that we were 'that' person for other children, including many from the Englewood community."

The family of Officer Soderberg has established The Thor Soderberg Fund - Connecting Youth with Nature for those wishing to honor his memory. The fund can be found online at the Chicago Community Trust's website,