Heart and Soul: Maestro Paul Freeman

July 9, 2010 (CHICAGO) ABC7's Charles Thomas and Leah Hope host HEART & SOUL, a series of specials that tap into Chicago's vibrant African American community Saturday, July 24th at 6:00 PM. An encore presentation of HEART & SOUL will air Sunday, July 25th at 4:30 PM on ABC7.

This edition of HEART & SOUL shines a spotlight on Maestro Paul Freeman. Freeman founded the Chicago Sinfonietta, the nation's most diverse symphony orchestra, in 1987 and has been their Music Director ever since. He also is the chief conductor of the Czech National Symphony orchestra in Prague. Throughout his career, Freeman has been lauded with many honors including the top prize in the Mitropoulos International Conducting Competition as well as honorary doctorate degrees. Freeman talks about his career in music and his feelings about leaving the Sinfonietta after more than two decades.

Next, HEART & SOUL points the camera in the direction of the "Birdie Sisters," Erica and Myah Jackson, who have been dubbed the "Williams Sisters of Golf." Why? Well, since the wee age of four, the sisters have traveled the country swinging, putting, "birdieing" and taking the golf world by storm. To date, they have scooped up 28 first place trophies. And if being golf phenoms wasn't enough, the girls also play the piano, dance, and have obtained black belts in taekwondo. HEART & SOUL takes a look at what makes these talented sisters click. In the final segment of HEART & SOUL, the program focuses on Blues Kids, a multicultural, interdisciplinary artists-in-residence music program founded by Fernando Jones. Jones' goal was to help children and young adults improve literacy through music. Blues Kids focuses on how blues has had a major influence on American music.

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HEART & SOUL is produced by Rubye Wilson.

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