Wacker block to reopen early Thursday

July 21, 2010 (CHICAGO)

On Sunday, cameras caught movie star Shia Lebeouf grabbing some breakfast and looking ready for action. Fans should brace for more explosions, based on the wires that could be seen coming out of many of the beat-up cars used for the film.

The Hollywood-made destruction in the street has attracted fans who have never seen a film shoot. They were determined to see some movie magic, despite the weekend's hot weather.

"They're so awesome, and they destroy stuff. That's why I have a game," said fan Jacob Smith.

"[I'm] excited, happy because I like Shia Lebeouf a lot and a lot of the Transformers," said Ti'ana Baxter, also a fan.

Film crews are expected to be in town until August 23.

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