Carol Stream residents angry about flood response

July 25, 2010 (CAROL STREAM, Ill.) Residents are dealing with the messy aftermath.

The suburb of Carol Stream was hit with some of the heaviest downpours. Despite a day of sun, several streets remained underwater, and many residents have been displaced from their homes.

Some of them are blaming the villages for not doing enough to help.

"We've live here four years, and this is the third time we've been out of our house. We're at the point we don't even want it. They can have it. They can have the house. Just put us out of our misery," Carol Stream resident Kim Rafferty said.

Once again the flooding is forcing the family and dozens of others out of their homes for what, they fear, is several months.

"We have water up our crawl space that's seeping through our hardwood floors on our main," said resident Katie Fortuna. "So, we're out of our house for another three months."

Fortuna and some other residents say what makes them the most angry is that the Village of Carol Stream has done little to help.

" It broke my heart to watch this, and to see people being pulled out in boats with their babies and their dogs. The village has done nothing," resident Judy McGrath said.

"I came to check on our house this morning, and I didn't see anyone here to check on our house, no one from the village, no police officers or firemen," Fortuna said.

Her son has been helping by shuttling neighbors back and forth from their homes.

Many blame the mayor.

"If they didn't call 911, and they were trapped in there, what am I supposed to do? Do I feel bad? I feel bad," Mayor Frank Saverino said.

Some residents confronted Saverino Sunday night about what they said was a poor response.

"There's no way we could stop this from happening.This water isn't even Carol Stream water," the mayor said.

Savorino says all the water in Carol Stream is water that has flowed downstream from the north. In terms of improving the infrastructure, there's not much he can do, he says, because there's no money.

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