Chicago area enjoying last days of summer

From festivals to family cookouts in the park or spending time at the beach, ABC7 Chicago found plenty of people making the best of the long holiday weekend.

Many are trying to squeeze in what they can before school starts back up Tuesday. So, even though Sunday was more like a perfect fall day weather-wise, people still took advantage of the outdoors.

"It's kind of sad. Chicago, it feels like summer then winter. So, we're going to get the best of it while we can," said beachgoer Jeff Gassaway.

"We just wanted to make sure we get in one last barbecue before the end of the year," said Sunday Hunter.

Hunter, her mom and son were among the few people barbecuing at 31st Street Beach Sunday. More popular was the bike path where ABC7 found the Duchon family visiting from Grand Rapids for the weekend.

"We come down once or twice a year at least on a perfect day like this --the bike path is wonderful -- and see as much as we can," one family member said.

A little farther north, Izabela Trojanowska of London was visiting her Chicago relatives, who are introducing her to boating in Lake Michigan.

"It's my second day in Chicago. So, I'm very excited to see that. The weather is great, and I guess people are enjoying the holiday, spending time with family and having fun," Trojanowska said.

Watching over Trojanoqska and all of the other boaters was the Chicago Police Department's Marine Unit. Officials say on a weekend like this they spend most of their time responding to minor distress calls and violations, but also point out that because of the somewhat cooler weather right now, the water conditions are rougher than usual and people need to be careful.

"There are not that many boats out here, not as many as there would normally be. We're looking for careless boating, any type of marine distress," said Brian Sheehan of the CPD Marine Unit.

Chicago area residents and visitors are advised Monday is the last day that life guards will be on duty at city beaches.

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