Televangelist holds service near NYC mosque site

September 5, 2010 (NEW YORK) The service took place at a New York hotel, but televangelist Bill Keller hopes to build a permanent Christian center near the site of the terror attacks, and he said a Muslim group has every right to do the same -- but he hasn't embraced Islam.

"If they want to preach the lies of Islam, I can come preach the truth of the Bible," Keller said.

"Religions are kind of in competition with each other. They still can pray in their own house of worship, and I am in favor of that," said Richard Borokowski, who supports the Muslim community center.

The proposed Muslim community center is not the only project that's been met with controversy. Officials in Murfreesboro, Tenn. are offering a $20,000 reward for information about a fire that was set deliberately at the construction site for a new mosque.

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