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On average, Americans spend almost 3,000 hours a year in bed and use 15-25 gallons of water for showering!

Given the amount of time you spend in your bedroom and bathroom, you should do everything you can to pamper yourself with the finest in bed and bath linens, says Tuesday morning,, lifestyle expert Ross Manning.

Often consumers by bed linens based on thread count, bath linens based on color and feel, and mattress pads based on softness. However, there are a lot other details that should be considered prior to purchasing these items so that one can buy the most suitable sheet, towel, and mattress pad for one's home, Ross adds. He has some advice on how to outfit your bedrooms and bathrooms with high quality linens without breaking the bank.

5 Musts When Shopping for Sheets:
1. Don't rely merely on the "thread count" factor of a sheet set.
2. Check the ply of the fabric used in the sheets.
3. Choose fabric with double-ply if you are looking for a heavier, more durable sheet set
4. Recognize the different types of cotton sheets.
5. Know the weave you are after.

Sheet Quality Indicators to Keep in Mind

  • Fiber Quality
  • Yarn Size
  • Finishing
  • Thread Count & Construction
  • Points to Consider When Determining How To Rest Your Head
    1. Decide on the Size of Bed Pillow
    2. Do You Sleep on Your Back, Your Side, or Your Stomach?
    3. Choose the Fill You Prefer for Your Bed Pillow (allergy reference)
    4. Do You Like a Soft or Firm Bed Pillow?

    Splish Splash With These Six Bath Linen Shopping Pointers
    1. Don't judge a towel by its in-store softness.
    2. Select the best bath towel material for your needs
    3. Inspect the stitch for thick, tightly packed loops.
    4. Don't just twiddle the towel on the shelf -- pick it up!
    5. Determine if you want be Eco Friendly
    6. Confirm the durability of your towels with double-turned edges and with double stitching

    Don't Stop With Great Sheets-- Complete Your Bedding With the Right Mattress Pad

  • Measure your bed
  • Factor in the standard mattress padding size
  • Decide on mattress pad material
  • Consider the type of mattress pad fastener

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  • Hudson Solid Rib Bath Towel Collection Peacock Alley- TM Price: $9.99 Original Retail: $24.99
  • 400 TC Hemstitched Sheet- TM Price: Queen-$89.99 King-99.99 Original Retail: $410 and $460
  • Peacock Alley Heavenly Blanket-TM price-$49.99-queen 59.99-king Original Retail-165.00 and 185.00
  • Peacock Alley Tufted White Bath Rug TM price-$19.99 Original Retail- $65.00
  • 50x60" cable knit throw TM price- $29.99 Original Retail-$79.99
  • Sarah Peyton Memory Foam Body Pillow and Bed Pillow TM price- (body) $29.99 (bed) $12.99 Original Retail $ 59.99 and 27.99
  • Natori Down Alternative Blanket-TM price $24.99 (Queen) 29.99 (king) Original Retail $89.99 & 99.99
  • Hotel Mattress Pad- TM price $29.99-59.99 original retail $85.00-140.00
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    Ross Manning is an authority within the retail industry on the latest trends in value shopping. With more than 20 years of domestic and international retail and marketing expertise, Manning is a knowledgeable and dynamic source for information important to today's savvy shopper. As Senior Vice President, Manning works closely with Tuesday Morning's buyers who bring market goods from around the world to local stores across the country, providing an international shopping experience for their customers.

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