Judge sets bond at $2M in Kustok murder

October 1, 2010 (BRIDGEVIEW, Ill.)

A judge set bond at $2 million Friday morning for Kustok. He did not make bail and is being held at the Cook County Jail.

Kustok requested protective custody and underwent a medical evaluation. After undergoing a mental and physical evaluation, Kustok was being held at Cermak Hospital Friday night.

Authorities would not comment on his health.

Although many details of the incident were discussed in court Friday, there was no new information about a motive. Police did not release any other details in the case during a news conference.

Kustok is facing a first-degree murder charge for allegedly shooting his wife in the face, and then waiting approximately 90 minutes to drive her to Palos Community Hospital on Wednesday morning.

The victim, Anita "Jeanie" Kustok, 58, was a popular schoolteacher.

Prosecutors say Allan Kustok said he heard a loud noise Wednesday morning in the bedroom in the couple's Orland Park home and found his wife dead on the floor with her arms folded across her chest with a gun in her hand. He reportedly said he picked her up in his arms and put the gun to his head but instead shot several rounds in the bedroom armoire.

Prosecutors also say he waited more than an hour to bring her to a hospital and wrapped her in his own robe and bed sheets.

"I believe any reasonable person would find it unreasonable to wait an hour and a half before you take your loving spouse to a hospital with a gunshot wound to the head," said Peter Troy, Cook County State's Attorney's Office.

A medical examiner told prosecutors Allan Kustok's story didn't add up because of bullet trajectory evidence. Sources say that police also did not buy Kustok's story that his wife took her own life. She was right-handed, but she was killed by a bullet that hit the left side of her face.The woman's death was ruled a homicide after an autopsy by the medical examiner.

"The gunshot wound could not have been self-inflicted to her left cheek, accidentally or otherwise," said Chief Timothy McCarthy, Orland Park Police Department.

Authorities say that Allan Kustok said he found his wife holding a .357 caliber handgun.

"I found it striking that, according to him, she was lying on her back with her arms crossed and a weapon of significant power and weight was still in her right hand," said Troy.

The Kustoks were the parents of Sarah and Zak Kustok. Sarah was a standout basketball player at DePaul University who has been a sports anchor and reporter at Comcast SportsNet Chicago for almost two years.

In a statement, Comcast SportsNet Chicago said: "We are all deeply saddened by this tragic news. Our thoughts and prayers are with Sarah and her family."

Zak Kustok was a starting quarterback for Northwestern University in the late '90s and was signed by the Chicago Bears in 2004. He was released from his two-year contract shortly thereafter.

The couple's children were in court Friday and stood by their father's innocence.

"Jeanie Kustok was a saint. She lived her life for everyone else, for her family and for God. It was a life we all should emulate. A true parent elevates the interests and welfare of their children above everything else, including until the end. The Kustok children know and believe that their parents were true parents. The Kustok children know that their father could not have committed the act that the state has accused him of," said Pete Rush, Kustok family attorney.

Both Sarah and Zak Kustok heard very graphic details in court Friday. They held hands and hugged. They had no comment Friday.

Police say there were no orders of protection for the Kustoks and officers had not been called to their home previously. Other than a 27-year-old aggravated battery charge during college, Allan Kustok's record is clean, though sources tell the Southtown Star he had been having an affair.

"We are continuing to investigate all of the circumstances surrounding the domestic relations of the defendant and his late wife," said Troy.

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