Frank Randol's recipes for Chicago

yield: 24 individual pies

3box store bought pie doughs (2ea)

4 medium sweet potatoes
6T sugar
2T cinnamon

1c light corn syrup
3 eggs
1c sugar
2T melted butter
2t vanilla extract
3c pecan pieces

  • bake sweet potatoes on a cookie sheet in oven at 325F until soft (about 45min-1hr)

  • set potatoes aside and allow to cool

  • mix first 5 ingredients for topping until well combined and fold in pecan pieces

  • layout pie crusts and cut out 4-5" circles from each dough and place into greased and floured-muffin/cupcake pans

  • peel skin off of sweet potatoes and mash with a fork until smooth mixture

  • spoon filling into pie doughs, filling about half way

  • combine cinnamon and sugar and sprinkle 1t on each pie

  • evenly distribute pecan mixture to fill pies remaining way with topping

  • place in a 300F oven and bake for approximately 1hr (pies crust should be golden brown and filling should spring back when pressed)

  • allow to cool and serve with fruit and/or caramel topping and fresh whipped cream

    yield = 12 oysters

    open-fire grill

    1dz freshly shucked oysters (large shell and liquor reserved)
    one-half lb. garlic butter (one-half lb.melted butter seasoned w/ 2t garlic powder)
    12T shredded parmigiano reggiano
    6T panko (Japanese) breadcrumbs
    6T chopped parsley (optional)

  • strain oyster liquor through a fine chimoise or cheesecloth to remove any small pieces of shell and add to melted garlic butter

  • combine in a small bowl parm, breadcrumbs and parsley

  • place one oyster in each shell and set on grill over flame

  • ladle or spoon butter/liquor mixture over each oyster and allow to poach until sides of oyster begin to curl

  • sprinkle cheese mixture over each oyster and cook until brown

  • slowly drizzle some of remaining butter onto coals or fire to help "char" the oysters

    yield = for 2-3 people

    1t kosher salt
    1/8t oregano
    1/4t garlic
    1/4t black pepper
    1/8t onion powder
    1/16t white pepper
    1/8t paprika
    1/16t red pepper
    1/8t thyme


    1/4lb butter cut into small pieces (separated into 2 portions)
    4 oz beer
    1T fresh minced garlic
    2oz worcestershire sauce
    2 1/2T seasoning from above
    1T coarse black pepper
    1/2 t rosemary
    2lb large shrimp (shell on and head on if available)

  • In a large hot saucepan, sauté shrimp with in half of butter until shell and butter begin to brown

  • add fresh garlic, seasoning, beer and worchestershire sauce and simmer over medium heat until shrimp are fully cooked (for about 5 minutes)

  • remove from heat and finish with remaining butter

  • serve with fresh french bread to soak up all the sauce

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