Police use program to address gang problem

October 17, 2010 (CHICAGO) Members of the police department's Gang Enforcement Unit say the pilot program involves non-confrontational conversations with CPS students who may have witnessed or been victimized by gang-related violence.

So far, more than 300 'interventions' in nearly 20 CPS schools have taken place. Those involved try to talk individuals out of retaliating or joining gangs.

"We're not there to investigate the crime. We're solely there to engage that student individually on what he feels the gang life is doing to him, how he feels the gang violence that he's seen is impacting him," said Sgt. Kenneth Boudreau, a Gang Enforcement Officer.

Police say, since the program started in Area One in March, there have been no CPS students killed in that police area.

They say, during the same time period last year, there were five Area One CPS students killed.

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