Guest List: Rick Springfield, 'Late, Late at Night'

October 20, 2010 (PRESS RELEASE) In LATE, LATE AT NIGHT, the memoir his millions of fans have been waiting for, Rick takes readers inside the highs and lows of his extraordinary life. By turns winningly funny and heartbreakingly sad, every page resonates with Rick's witty, wry, self-deprecating, brutally honest voice. On one level, he reveals the inside story of his ride to the top of the entertainment world. On a second, deeper level, he recounts with unsparing candor the forces that have driven his life, including his longtime battle with depression.

Rick skyrocketed onto the pop culture scene in 1981 with the simultaneous release of his iconic "Working Class Dog" album and a role on "General Hospital," one of the most popular daytime television shows in the country. "Jessie's Girl" dominated the charts, his follow-up hits became the pop/ rock soundtrack for an entire generation, and 12 million avid viewers tuned in daily to swoon over the handsome Dr. Drake on "General Hospital." Overnight fame and fortune arrived in a big way, and Rick was on top of the world both personally and professionally.

LATE, LATE AT NIGHT reveals all the entertaining, inside stories that readers want to know: his brief stint as a teen idol; living with teenage girlfriend, actress Linda Blair; subsisting on Swanson's Hungry Man dinners as a starving musician; acting gigs from "Wonder Woman" to "Battlestar Gallactica"; racing between sold-out tours and the TV set; drugs on and off the bus; famous girlfriends; the Live Aid concert; the music world in the '70s and '80s, a movie career; and, through all of the up and downs, always writing songs.

Today, Rick Springfield has found a happier, more stable equilibrium. His story is ultimately a positive one, deeply informed by his passion for creative expression through his music, a deep love of his wife of twenty-six years and their two sons, and a return to the work he loves most: playing his music for legions of fans.


Rick Springfield has been writing and performing music for more than four decades. An accomplished actor, he has performed on Broadway, headlined in Las Vegas, and starred in numerous movies and television series; most recently, he played a twisted version of "himself" in Showtime's hit "Californication". He maintains an active touring schedule, playing more than 100 dates per year around the world. He lives in Malibu, California with his wife Barbara.

By Rick Springfield
Touchstone, Simon & Schuster, Inc.
$26.00 / Hardcover / 978-1-4391-9115-6

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