Ex-Stroger aide 'unaware' of county Ethics Ordinance

October 29, 2010 (CHICAGO)

In a confidential report, released to ABC7 in response to a Freedom of Information Act request, the Cook County Board of Ethics wrote that Carla Oglesby, the former Deputy Chief of Staff to Cook County Board President Todd Stroger, violated the Cook County Ethics Ordinance.

According to the report, Oglesby "used her official position" in the Stroger administration "to influence employees to expedite the payment process from the "normal 2-3 weeks processing time" for a county contract. Instead, it only took one day to process and issue a check to Oglesby's company CGC Communications LLC.

According to the report, it's "unclear at best, as to whether any work was performed by CGC Communications, LLC before payment was issued or at any time after payment was tendered for the flood relief grant."

The Board of Ethics also found that Oglesby filed a "Dual Employment form" indicating she'd be signing checks and reviewing reports for CGC while employed with the county. According to report, on the Dual Employment form, Oglesby wrote that she'd continue to work for CGC for ten hours a week on "Saturday and Sunday".

Further, the Board of Ethics found that the "Operating Agreement" of Oglesby's company filed with the state shows that Oglesby has a $25,000 ownership interest in CGC Communications Inc. That's only $25 less than the amount of the contract she's alleged to have steered to her firm.

The Board of Ethics also found that CGC Communications should not have entered into a contract with the County and "Ms. Oglesby should have had no involvement in this matter."

The Board of Ethics recommended that Oglesby be fired for her ethics violations, but the October 7th report, was issued three days after she'd already been arrested for allegedly steering contracts to her firm.

Oglesby ultimately resigned from County employment the day after her arrest.

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