Exclusive: Wright family reacts to lighter sentence

HOUSTON This is the first time the family has talked publicly since the resentencing trial began.

Susan Wright is still in this Harris County jail, awaiting transfer back to prison custody. Her husband's family didn't stick around. This second trial was very painful for them.

Both Ron Wrights -- Junior and Senior -- are at ease.

"At least they're keeping her off the streets," Ron Wright Sr. said.

After a second round of courtroom drama that even included a first-time apology, Susan Wright is headed to prison once again for the 2003 murder of husband, Jeffrey Wright. She stabbed him 193 times and buried his body in a shallow grave in their yard.

After a two-week resentencing trial that gave her team a chance to present a battered woman's defense, on Tuesday, a jury lowered her sentence from the original 25 years to 20.

"Could have been worse; she could have gotten probation and been walking out of there," Ron Wright Jr. said.

It is a sentence Jeffrey Wright's family can accept. But no apology, they say, will suffice.

"She tortured my son to death," Ron Wright, Sr. said.

"That's the first time she's shown remorse towards our family," Ron Wright Jr. said. "And she's had ample opportunity."

The Wrights left the courtroom and immediately met with us.

"It was almost like my son was on trial and not my ex-daughter in law, and she's the one who committed the crime," Ron Wright Sr. said.

The defense described Jeffrey Wright as a womanizing abuser. The family's memories are very different, and they question why Susan Wright didn't take the stand again.

"I felt if you were truly an abused woman wouldn't you want to tell your story? Wouldn't you want to get that out there?" Ron Wright Jr. wondered.

They now see their role as Jeffrey Wright's defender while Ron Jr. and his wife have even greater roles.

"I am raising the children," Ron Wright, Jr. said. "I've adopted the children."

The couple's two children are now eight and 11, and they are thriving. The family dreads the day when they start asking questions.

"They only know their father is dead and their mother is in prison," Ron Wright, Jr. said. "We have not gotten into the details, and we are seeking professional advice on when to do this."

They also dread when Susan Wright is eligible for parole, and now that day is even closer.

"I believe she has some psychotic issues, and yes, I will be concerned about that and we will take the necessary steps to keep her from my family," Ron Wright Jr. said.

Susan Wrigth was convicted when she was 27. She is now 34 and is eligible for parole in about three and a half years, which is two years sooner than her original sentence.

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