Healthy, green alternatives for your home

November 5, 2010 (CHICAGO)

Healthy Home 2010 is a model home built to be eco-friendly and people-friendly. Builders said they have eliminated nearly all harmful toxins without sacrificing style.

"This is an induction stove-top that is 92-percent efficient," said Victoria Diiorio of Healthy Child Healthy World.

The showcase house is filled with designer furnishings that people might only dream of having in their homes. The project's goal is not to send people on a real estate hunt, but instead teach families how to make small changes to help them live healthier lives.

"Healthy Home 2010 was built with a young family in mind to truly show what a healthy home is from foundation to food," said Diiorio.

The home was built by Dior Builders for Healthy Child Healthy World, a national non-profit that advocates for children's environmental health. Every item was carefully chosen to decrease exposure to household chemicals.

"We looked for chemicals of concern and made sure they were banned from the home," said Diiorio. "Everything from the building materials for example, we made sure there was no added urea-formaldehyde. We made sure there were low-emitting products."

Furniture and fabrics are made from organic or natural materials and don't have chemical treatments. They also suggest buying slipcovers made from organic cotton to cover furniture you already own.

The home eliminates fiberglass by using insulation made from recycled cotton denim. It saves water with hybrid tankless water heaters, cuts down on plastics by stocking only natural wooden toys in the child's play room and re-usable steel water bottles in the kitchen.

"When someone comes and visits Healthy Home 2010, what we want them to take away is five easy steps that we can all do in our own home-- from avoiding pesticides to cleaning up our indoor air to shopping smart, eat more healthy food and be wise with plastics," Diiorio said.

Healthy Home 2010 will be open for public tours starting Saturday through the November 21. Tickets cost $20 and benefit Healthy Child Healthy World. For tour details, visit

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