Step by Step: Selling on eBay

November 8, 2010 (CHICAGO)

Step 1: Research your item. You will want to have done research on the item to know what market value you're asking for, the description of the item and the measurements.

Step 2: Take some pictures of your item. "Make sure there is nothing in the background because nobody wants to see your dirty clothes or your couch or anything like that. Just make sure you capture the item," Glover said.

Step 3: Set up an account on eBay. Input your basic information.

Step 4: Click "Sell an Item" in eBay. Create a descriptive title for your item. List the color, style and brand name. Don't use adjectives like "really nice" or "gorgeous." Use descriptions like "black leather, satchel-style handbag." Then describe the condition.

Step 5: Provide the buyer with some measurements. For a handbag, you want to measure the base of the handbag, the height and the handle drop.

Step 6: Set your pricing. Glover recommended starting Judy's handbag at 99 cents and listing it for seven days. "It allows the market to dictate what it is actually worth." But, if there is a price that you're set on getting for the item, you could list it in a "buy it now" setup, and it would only sell to someone willing to pay the price you set, rather than auction-style. You can also set a higher minimum price for auction-style sales.

Step 7: Set your shipping cost. Glover recommends getting a basic kitchen scale you can get at a store like Target. Then weigh your item. If you're unfamiliar with eBay and shipping, you can go to a website like and get a quote for shipping for the farthest you can ship in the United States.

Step 8: Upload the pictures you took of the item.

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