Rahm's renter may run for mayor

December 15, 2010 1:13:41 PM PST
The man who's been renting Rahm Emanuel's North Side home is considering a run for Chicago mayor.

Rob Halpin is a local businessman. When Rahm was about to leave the White House, he reportedly asked Halpin to move, but Halpin refused.

Halpin was approached by some businessmen to run for Mayor Richard Daley's soon-to-be vacant seat. "People have come to me asking me to consider running for mayor. If they get me on the ballot, get the signatures needed, and get me on the ballot I will run. I will be an alternative to some of the people that are running for mayor," Halpin told ABC7 News.

Halpin added that if he ends up running for mayor, he would take the job very seriously.