Princess Diana exhibit comes to Michigan

GRAND RAPIDS Princess Diana made headlines for years. Her grace and elegance captivated millions around globe.

This exhibit gives visitors a glimpse behind those headlines for a rare look at the people's princess.

"The crown with all those diamonds. It's just so beautiful and really breathtaking," visitor Susan Milligan said.

Princess Diana's tiara is the first thing people see when stepping into the exhibit showcasing her life and legacy.

"A lot of sparkle. Whatever way you turned, it would hit you in the eye," said visitor Gabrielle Downs.

Each room of the exhibit is like a page from different chapters of Diana's storied life.

"She'll always be that persona, you know, that beautiful woman. And you think of all the sadness in her life, too," Downs said.

One room takes visitors into Diana's childhood, giving a glimpse of the princess that many never knew.

At the center of it all is perhaps the most breathtaking keepsake -- her wedding dress.

"I had to see to see the dress. That was the key spot for this trip," visitor Denise Bochinski said

The dress is incredibly beautiful and stunning. The train alone is 25-feet long. Believe it or not, the princess paid only $1,900 (U.S.) for it.

"What I saw in 1981, the day they were married, just didn't do it justice," Milligan said.

There are remarkable displays of her life in every room, from the outfits she wore to her work as a humanitarian that made her the people's princess.

"I think he was truly a beautiful person inside as well as the obvious, physical beauty," Downs said.

The last room is a look at Diana's final days, including a video tribute to the princess who captivated the world.

"I felt very moved by the whole thing, especially when they were playing the music by Elton John that he played at the funeral. It just brought back a lot of memories of when she died, and it was very sad to lose her at such a young age," Milligan said.

"Diana: A Celebration" is open until February 16.

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