Holiday Hair

(RELEASE) Cosmetologists Chicago (CC) is the largest association of beauty salon professionals in the Midwest. They are also the group that produces the annual America's Beauty Show. And now, a Photo Team from CC has created four great looks for the holidays.

From The CC Photo Trend Team:

Our concept was all about having a contemporary, urban look and feel as you celebrate the upcoming holiday season. Whether you celebrate in the city, the suburbs or the country... it means looking your best while embracing the newest styles.

The CC Photo Trend Team visualized:

  • Showing up at the office holiday party looking smashing
  • Having cocktails and with your closest girlfriends at one of Chicago's hot new restaurant/bars
  • Ringing in the New Year at a friend's loft with some great champagne and hors d'oevres
  • Having an intimate dinner with dear old friends at their condo with a lake view

  • Deep cut fringe
  • Deep side parts
  • A return to texture
  • Waves and curls


Annette- She is like many young women. She has long blonde hair and wants to know what can be done that is current and different, without making a major cut or color change? We will be putting in a "faux fringe" that looks like deep cut bang. It snaps in. Her hair will be styled using a large barrel curl iron to make soft loose tendrils that she can just run your fingers through. A styling creme will help add definition and shine.

Ashley- She starts with natural hair, no relaxers or color (it will remain that way). She wears her hair up a lot. What can she do that is different? Her hair will be styled down. We will use both a small barrel and medium barrel curl iron to add multi-dimensional texture to her hair. After it is curled we will gently pull the curls out to create a great asymmetrical shape to balance her beautiful face. A shine-serum will be used at the end to add lots of gloss to her curls.

Jennifer- She has fine hair. What can do to "glam it up" for the holidays. First, we glazed Jennifer's hair to add lots of depth and shine. She will be styled using a volumizing spray and a small round brush. Each curl will be clipped into place after it has been dried for extra hold. When the blow dry is complete, all of the clips come out and she can tousle her hair with her fingers. A head band makes a great accessory for adding some extra style and volume.

Sunny - She has naturally red hair with naturally great curls. First, we will apply a spray on product to help protect her hair from "thermal heat." Next, her curls will be "tamed" with a curling iron, then pinned up in the back to create a sophisticated look for the holiday season. A loose tendril in the front prevents it from looking too formal and adds a little playfulness to the style.

Creative Director: Karen Gordon (J. Gordon Designs)

Hairstylists: Allyson Tinberg (J. Gordon Designs)

Jennifer Price (Zano Salons & Spa)

Marek Hartwig (Frank Gironda Salons)

Make up: Magda Geary & Lauren Thompson (J. Gordon Designs)

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