Opponents of full-body scans call for boycott

November 21, 2010 (CHICAGO)

Full-body scanners have been in use at O'Hare since March. As their use has become more widespread around the country the controversy has grown. The movement against body scanners started out on the Internet. Now opponents are asking travelers to opt out of the full-body scans which they say are dangerous.

Even if only a few passengers participate in the boycott, it could cause massive delays and disruptions at airports with 24 million people expected to travel by air over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Officials say the body scan takes about 10 seconds for each passenger and 100 people can go through the scan in 15 minutes. If those same people 100 people opted for a pat down, it could take up to six hours.

ABC 7 spoke with some travelers Sunday who are not against the full-body scans.

"We have to do this. It's not something that I like. But if they can show all these X-rated movies on TV, what's the difference in being X-rayed to make sure when you fly you are going to get to your destination safely. I was on the grounds when the Pentagon was blown up. That was a horrible experience. I work there. That was the most devastating experience I ever seen in my life," said traveler Gwendolyn Sampson.

A spokesperson for O'Hare says while they do expect to have more personnel on the ground at the airport to deal with the crowds going through security, they are not adjusting for the possibility of the boycott.

Travelers are advised to get to the airport this week well in advance to go through security.

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