Chicago Magazine celebrates 40 years

December 1, 2010

1) Best Launching Pad: Studs Terkel, a contributor, publishes excerpts from his ne book, Working, which becomes a bestseller and inspires a Broadway musical, a Second City revue, a graphic novel by Harvey Pekar, and a song by James Taylor. (March 1974)

2) Triggered the Most Canceled Subscriptions: The time we put a naked lady on the cover, seated at a typewriter and wearing only a hat and high heels. (Dec. 1993)

3) Angered the Most Celebrities: Those times we published photos of homes of the stars, drawing the ire of Michael Jordan, Billy Corgan, and Ed Burke, among others (Oct. '94/'95)

4) Angered the Most Foodies: That time we took away hafl of Charlie Trotter's fourth star, prompting a storm of letters and emails that only stoppped seven months later when he got it back. (March 1999)

5) Most Significant Quote, in Retrospect: "I'll run (for office) if I can accomplish more that way than agitating from the outside."--- Barack Obama, the "tall, affable workaholic" we profiled for his voter-registration efforts among African Americans. (January 1993)

6) Loopiest Cover: A surreal pastiche for Before They Were Famous that includes Donald Rumsfeld dressed as a Boy Scout and David Hasselhoff as Hamlet (Feb 2007)

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