Ineeka tea grown in India, shipped in Chicago

December 3, 2010 (CHICAGO)

Ineeka Teas, headquartered in Chicago's West Loop, are premium, whole leaf teas grown in the Himalayans of India.

" We have established ourselves in the world tea market as the highest level quality of tea," said Shashank Goel, owner, Ineeka Teas.

This tea company has won just about every honor possible in its segment of the food and beverage industry. Goel says quality is not the only thing that sets Ineeka apart.

"We're the only tea company in North America that actually owns our own farm. Our farms are located in the Himalayas and the farms are all organic," said Shashank.

The company's 15 farms in India give back as much to the earth as they take from it with sustainable practices in every phase of the operation from planting and harvesting to shipping. The tea is packaged and distributed in Chicago.

"I was born on a tea farm and my wife also comes from a tea background," said Goel.

So how does an award-winning premium tea company end up in Chicago? Goel and his wife fell in love with the city while she was studying at the art institute. She designed all the packaging utilizing pictures from their own families. They are constantly traveling back and forth to India

"Ineeka means 'little earth' and the whole concept is why we cannot change the world, we're making a difference and with 25,000 people and all the people we connect to," said Shashank. And those consumers include high-end retailers all over the world.

Goel says what really sets his tea apart is that they don't add oils or flavorings. The taste is just the way the tea is grown on their farms in India.

Ineeka Teas, , are sold at several retail outlets in Chicago, including Whole Foods.