Gunman sought in Bellwood murder

December 8, 2010 (MAYWOOD, Ill.)

Moody, 23, was in the car with his cousin when he was fatally shot Monday. Police are searching for a gunman.

His friends and family say he was a good man who had moved away from neighboring Maywood in high school to escape the violence in the community. He attended Proviso East High School for one year before moving to Atlanta. After graduating from Indiana State University, Moody returned to Proviso East to help coach football over the summer.

"He was definitely a leader. He led by example, just a great kid, a great kid, great heart. I remember when I coached him when he was a little guy when I first started coaching. The littlest guy out there. His helmet was bigger than his whole body, but he wasn't scared of anything. I'd ask him to do any kind of drill. He would do it against the bigger guys. He was all heart," said Aaron Peppers, former Proviso East football coach.

Moody wanted to be a full-time coach, according to his family, but was currently working part-time as a fan photographer for the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox.

"I shouldn't be burying my little brother in three days. We need him, and I want the people to know who did this they hurt a lot of people really bad," said sister Chanel Moody. "He lit up every room he walked in, don't matter what the mood was. He meant a lot to a lot of people."

Relatives say the cousin-- 24-year-old Jerry Thomas-- Moody was with at the time of the shooting has a criminal record, but Moody continued to hang out with him. Police say they have had encounters with Thomas.

The investigation continues and no arrest has been made as of Wednesday morning.

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