Ignite the Spirit's Chicago Firefighters Calendar 2011

December 15, 2010 5:03:01 AM PST
The 2011 Firefighter Calendar features 12 Chicago Firefighters and Paramedics and each of their unique stories.

Please support Firefighter Charities by donating through a calendar purchase, today. The mission of Ignite The Spirit Fund is to raise funds for firefighters and their families in times of need-- it's a way for Chicago firemen to help take care of their own.The firemen featured in the calendar are everyday people, with one exception- when they work, they are literally putting their lives at risk. Their stories will give you insight to the lives of firefighters, as well as sense of comraderie and honor they feel. Supporting the Ignite the Spirit Fund is a way to give back to the firefighters who give so much to the community.

Calendar: $10

Ignite the Spirit's Annual
Firefighter Toy Drive
At the Cubby Bear Chicago
Saturday, 7pm