Missing 11-year-old girl found

December 15, 2010 (CHICAGO)

The girl's says her granddaughter has been released from the hospital and that she appears to be OK.

Police say the 11-year-old went missing Saturday night from her apartment. Authorities put out flyers with her picture. According to sources, the girl fell asleep on a train and woke up to a man asking her if she needed money for a bus. But she ended up at his apartment in the 6100-block of South University and was housed there for three days.

Early Wednesday morning, she reached out to family members from a land line, and they traced the number back to the man's address and apartment. A community activist told her to flash the lights in the room so they could find her.

"Once we found out she was positively on the third floor, I contacted the Chicago Police Department right away," said activist Andrew Holmes. "They came. We sat there and tried to figure out which apartment she was in. I asked her to flick the lights on and off, which she did. Once we made entrance into the apartment complex, the Chicago Police Department went up to the third floor. I went up the stairwell. Upon us arriving up there, we did hear a conversation in there, and the Chicago Police Department successfully made entrance to that apartment. We successfully obtained the 11-year-old, brought her outside."

The man in his 50s is in custody but has not yet been charged. Sources say he was found wearing just a robe.

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