Meeks drops out of mayor's race

December 23, 2010 (CHICAGO) Meeks called on other African-American candidates in the mayoral race to also withdraw their candidacies in favor of submitting to a "caucus of clergy, elected officials, and residents whose sole purpose shall be to winnow the remaining field down to one candidate."

"Even as I continue to believe that I would be both the best prepared and the most electorally viable candidate in this race, I have chosen to lead by example," Meeks said in a release.

In his remarks, Meeks highlighted the discrepancy between the size of the African-American population in Chicago and the percentage of city contracts going to African-Americans.

"Our city's leadership seems to be colorblind; in my judgment, they simply do not seem to notice people of color," said Meeks in his statement. "We are overlooked and under-represented."

Meeks said in his statement that he was not endorsing any other candidate in the mayoral race at this time.

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