December 26, 2010: Amazing Things

December 27, 2010 8:12:36 AM PST
Our final episode of Chicagoing takes a look into the future with Guy Spiro, Publisher and Editor of The Monthly Aspectarian.

Published since the late 1970s it is "dedicated to awakening consciousness." That's something we hope we've done here on Chicagoing the last 21 years.

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We also listened and talked with internationally recognized musical performer Megon McDonough. Folk lovers may remember a 17 year old McDonough opening for such acts in the 70s as John Denver, Steve Martin and Harry Chapin. But McDonough classifies her music as folk/cabaret, citing her love of theatre and jazz as the reason for the unusual mix. Her performance of her song "Amazing Things" concludes our 21 years of Chicagoing.

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