Post-Christmas shoppers find deals, fewer crowds

December 27, 2010 (CHICAGO)

The Monday after Christmas there were sales, and some found they had a bit of elbowroom.

"Less traffic which is a big plus especially around here, which can get quite congested, and a lot easier to get help from associates that work here," said Veejay Zala.

"I'm trying to get some presents for people I haven't seen yet so I can get it for half price," said Anita Gosman. "I wasn't going to see them anyway, I might as well wait."

Many shoppers Monday had done their gift-giving, and now it's all about saving money for themselves.

"I'm really just hoping to find a computer for myself and if it's a great price that's awesome, so I definitely want to take advantage of that," said Jeff Mbamala.

"I found a couple things. I'm still looking around -- Christmas for me this time," said Brian Deja.

The other popular task on Monday was returns.

The Better Business Bureau recommends taking any receipts and a state ID in case the retailers need it for store credit.

"You want to insure that you have some types of paperwork," said Tom Joyce with the Better Business Bureau of Chicago and Northern Illinois. "Paperwork can be important because many items go on sale after the holidays and you want to be sure to get your full value price for your return."

At the Best Buy on North Avenue, many of those returning didn't have to wait in a line.

"I really thought there was going to be a big line, so I left work early," said Marcell Varciag. "I thought everybody on lunchtime would be doing this, so I'm so surprised that no one is here doing this with me."

"I think our folks really liked their gifts this year and they only bought 'em the ones they needed," said Pablo Rodriquez with Best Buy. "They're not really coming back to return them, which is awesome to see."

Those trying to make returns should also know that stores are not obligated to make returns on clearance items that may have been final sales. Some products like electronics could have restocking fees.

Especially with electronics, be sure not to break the seal so you can get your money back or make a return. We also saw some of the stores limiting their holiday return policies, so get your returns done soon,

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