Tall chef taking bids for a New Year's dinner

December 29, 2010 (CHICAGO)

ABC7's Frank Mathie says a very tall chef has a very tall tale to tell about how you and your loved one can ring in the New Year.

When you visit Jeff Goldfarb in his Homewood condo you notice two things right away. First of all, the guy is a professional chef. Besides that, he's very tall. From the bottom of his size 20 shoes all the way to the top of this mountain of a man.

"I'm 7-foot tall," Goldfarb said.

Is he really the world's tallest chef?

"As of yet no one has contested my height, and I have a trademark on being the world's tallest chef," said Goldfarb. "I work in the city as a private chef and cater people homes."

ABC7 visited Chef Jeff Wednesday morning in his home as he prepared his lunch.

A great looking lunch but nothing compared to what he has in mind for Friday night.

So, besides being the tallest chef in the world, he's also a rent a chef. He rents himself out and you won't believe what he's doing for New Years Eve and how much it might cost you.

Just go to eBay and search for the world's tallest chef. Goldfarb is auctioning himself off for a very special meal.

"It's me cooking for New Years Eve for two people," said Goldfarb "It will be a $10,000 donation for charity ... and it will cost about 50 grand for total. It's a high-end expensive meal."

That's right. Fifty-thousand dollars.

But Jeff will fly anywhere in the country to master chef the meal.

And it's quite the menu.

"Very expensive caviars of the world for $800 and a white truffle risotto which is $1,000, and the world's most expensive chocolate," Goldfarb said.

And on and on through 18 courses.

So far, though, no takers.

"If no one bites I'm going to try it again for Valentines day," said Goldfarb.

The auction continues until January 11. A tip is not expected.

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