New Year, new money-savvy you

January 8, 2011 5:32:11 AM PST
If your New Year's resolution is to better manage your money, you should know that your ability to save might depend on your spending personality.

Representatives from Smart Cookies visited the ABC7 Chicago studio and identified spending types. They also provided tips for saving money.

    Spending Personalities:
  • Yo-Yo Spenders - Deprive themselves financially some days, then overcompensate on other days while hoping it will all even out in the end.
  • Slacker Spenders - Prefer convenience over cost.
  • Sale! Spenders - Instinctively reach for their wallets when they hear or see the words "sale," "discount" and "clearance."
  • Zombie Spenders - Pay little attention to where their money goes.
  • Status Spenders - Prefer brand names over bargain prices, and wouldn't dream of cutting corners with cheap knock-offs.

You can learn more about Smart Cookies on their website.