No deaths in Springfield plane crash

January 6, 2011 8:41:53 PM PST
A small jet crashed in Springfield Thursday, but all on board survived.

The passengers included two Chicago brothers, who are businessmen, and four others.

The plane was approaching Capitol airport when it began shaking and dipping. Then it crashed, and caught fire.

Firefighters from the 103rd Air National Guard doused the flames and helped the four passengers and two pilots.

The brothers' friend and accountant, Tim Rand, also survived the crash.

"I just couldn't leave certain people behind, so I had to get out. I didn't have a choice," said

These two guys, we've been though a lot together. And God was looking over us -- no doubt about it," said Everett Rand who was also on the plane.

The brothers said 30 years ago their father told them not to fly together. They followed his advice, until Thursday.