Obama: 'If the Bears win, I'm in!'

FILE-- Then-Illinois Senator Barack Obama wears a Chicago Bears hat during a Monday Night Football broadcast in 2006. (YouTube.com: Barack Obama on Monday Night Football)

January 20, 2011 4:47:06 AM PST
After meeting with the leader of the world's most populous nation Wednesday morning at the White House, President Barack Obama was asked a pressing question-- about the Chicago Bears.

If his hometown team beats the Packers, will he go to the Super Bowl? "Oh we're going," Obama said. "If the Bears are in the Super Bowl, we're going, no doubt."

White House correspondent Jake Tapper, ABC News, said a cameraman asked the president about his Super Bowl plans during a photo op with Chinese President Hu Jintao.

In 2006, as a freshman senator considering a presidential run, Obama taped a bit about the Bears for a Monday Night Football broadcast. He said, "I'm here tonight to answer some questions about a very important contest that's been weighing on the minds of the American people. A contest about the future . . . a contest that will ultimately be decided in America's heartland. Tonight, I'd like to put all the doubts to rest. I'd like to announce to my hometown of Chicago and all of America that I am ready" ---- at this point he donned a Bears baseball cap -- "for the Bears to go all the way, baby!"

"Dun-Dun-Dun-DUNNNNNNNN," Obama sang, attempting to mimic the four-note jingle for Monday Night Football. Watch the 2006 MNF video on YouTube.com

The Super Bowl will be played in Dallas February 6th. Before the Bears can get there, and the president can make his travel plans, Chicago has to beat Green Bay Sunday at Soldier Field.