Bears fans swallow tough loss

January 23, 2011 8:51:09 PM PST
The Chicago Bears lose at home to their arch rivals, the Green Bay Packers. The final score was Packers 21, Bears 14 in the NFC Championship game.

The Bears had trouble scoring early and a game-ending injury to quarterback Jay Cutler helped sealed the Bears' fate.

Bears fans leave Soldier Field with long sad faces -- their team was just one game away from going to the Super Bowl.

"Disappointing, very disappointing," said Bears fan Jim D. Rose.

"We thought we were gonna come in strong, but we came in and we were sleeping. It's unfortunate. We didn't play as well as we should have," said Bears fan George Benetich.

Compounding the disappointment for many Bears fans is the fact that it is the Packers who are going to the Super Bowl. By the end of the game, Bears fans say it was tough.

"Real bad, real quiet, but Packers fans are happy," said Bears fan Laurentio Howard.

"It was somber at the end, especially with that touchdown in sight," said Bears fan Sara Handley.

Many Bears fans quietly talk about what might have been over post-game tailgate parties.

There were a smattering of green-clad Packer fans in the crowd and after the game they are in full celebration mode -- their victory made even sweeter because they beat the Bears.

"If this was the Saints, it wouldn't be that big of a deal, but beating the Bears, this is just awesome," said Packer fan Dan McGee.

"It's unreal. I can't believe we're going to the Super Bowl," said Packer fan Travis Lacombe.

Lacombe and his brother are Packer fans but their stepfather is a Bears fan who has a long ride back to Kenosha Sunday night.

"It's a heartbreak. I have to let these guys celebrate." said Lacombe's stepfather Patrick. "We'lll get 'em next year."

The Bears exceeded most expectations this season. Few people predicted they would make it this far but it still hurts that they fell just short of the ultimate goal.

Bar scene revelers felt the Bears loss, too
Hopes were high at 115 Bourbon Street in Marionette Park as Bears fans clapped along to the national anthem with their games faces on, the build up to the big game was finally here.

"It's been building up for so long, I can't explain it," said Bears fan Tony Crockett.

"This is our Super Bowl, a Midwest Super Bowl, right here, right today," said Bears fan Deanne Neises.

The game's final result, however, left more a thousand disappointed Bears fans on the South Side while a few dozen Packers fans were beside themselves at this North Side bar.

"We had to wait in line for an hour to get in and now we're here and it's unbelievable, to be around these Packer fans, fantastic," said Packers fan Matt Acker.

The loss was unbelievable for Bears fans until the blame game kicked off.

"I think Cutler should have stuck it in there. I think if he's a leader, he should have played hurt," one Bears fan said.

"If I can walk I'm going to play in the game. It's the biggest sport games in Chicago," said Bears fan Matt Murphy.

Other fans were not so bitter.

"We would have loved it if the Bears won," said Bears fan Sandra Kay.

"We're alright. We take the game day for what it is. We had a good time," said Bears fan Rachel Sanchez.

If there is any upside to the loss, fans at 115 Bourbon say at least they didn't have to sit in the cold and pay a lot of money for a Soldier Field ticket.