Shootout during attempted armored car robbery

January 29, 2011 7:02:22 AM PST
Two people were shot, one fatally, Friday morning during the attempted robbery of an armored car on the West Side near Chicago and Homan.

The robbers attacked as the armored car guards were leaving a Family Dollar store.

No bystanders or customers were nearby.

Carrying money and picking up deposits for businesses is a risky business. In this case, it seems the guards were up to the task.

Chicago Police responded around 9:45 a.m. to find two men shot at Homan and Chicago. One of them was dead. Police say the men were trying to rob an armored car parked outside a dollar store.

"The armored car personnel were able to defend themselves, fire shots at the offenders. Both offenders were struck. One was dead at the scene," said Chicago Police Commander Wayne Gulliford.

The suspects apparently went after one of the guards when the guard in the truck open fire.

"The first suspect grabbed him from behind. The second suspect was on the side of him," said witness Barbara Archer. "They were trying to get the bag from him when the armored guy inside was shooting. I believe it was from inside the truck."

Nearby resident Archer heard the gunshots and called 9-1-1

"When I called 9-1-1 I ran across the street and I saw the guy laying on the ground and the other guy around the corner on the ground," said Archer.

The two guards worked for Garda armored car service. The company offers bank deposit collection service with armed guards. A spokesman for Garda says the company did not have a comment on the situation.

Police say the two guards were unharmed.

The surviving suspect was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital. He was in critical condition when he was transported.