Police charge Rockford man in high-speed chase

January 29, 2011 2:05:20 PM PST
A Rockford man faces numerous charges after a police pursuit that lasted about 80 miles from Forest Park to Rockford.

The driver, Cornelius Boles, 25, was released from the hospital.

Charges against Boles include possession of a controlled substance, attempted vehicle hijacking, resisting arrest, aggravated reckless driving and having a suspended drivers license.

The chase began after an officer stopped a silver Dodge Charger in west suburban Forest Park Friday afternoon in an area known for drug trafficking.

At one point during the chase, the driver flashed a weapon at a civilian car. In Rockford, he weaved through traffic and ran red lights.

ABC7's Chopper7HD also caught him throwing something out of the window. Police say it might have been a weapon.

Then, at Harrison and 9th, the driver was hit by a car that had a green light, causing a chain reaction that damaged two other cars.

The driver tried to run away.

"I think it was the driver that may have gotten out and it seemed like he attempted to grab another vehicle," said Rockford Police Deputy Chief Theo Glover.

Rockford police say Chopper7HD actually helped them track the suspects.

Police did find a handgun.

A 36-year-old passenger was taken to a hospital with serious injuries.