Daley to work as public speaker next

February 15, 2011 9:42:02 AM PST
Chicago Mayor Richard Daley has just a few months left in office, and once he retires, he plans to travel the world so he can deliver speeches and share ideas.

When he leaves office in May, he plans to become a paid public speaker. Mayor Daley signed on with the Harry Walker Agency in New York. They match public speakers with corporations, governments and different organizations.

During his years in office, the mayor has toured the world, forging relationships in places like Great Britain, Brazil, South Korea and China.

One insider said he believes Mayor Daley could command upwards of $50,000 per speech in Chicago, and the rest of the United States Daley may get $25,000 per speech.

"I think people will really relate extremely well to him because he just has that regular-guy persona," said Bob Williams, Burns Entertainment and Sports Marketing.

"You wake up and there is no schedule. Oh, please! Maggie will say, 'Get out, do something!'" Daley said.

Daley has said that his long-range goal is to make Chicago the most China-friendly city in the United States. He also plans to teach at the university level and write a book.