Science experiments to do at home

February 19, 2011 7:58:37 AM PST
Science can definitely be cool, and you can do scientific experiments with items you can find right in your own home.

Mike Davis with the City Colleges of Chicago visited the ABC7 studio to show us how it is done.

1. Marbling a business card
Using shaving cream and food coloring, we can make a pretty marbled pattern on a business card. This showcases the hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties of shaving cream and paper.

2. Elephant's Toothpaste
Using Hydrogen Peroxide, soap and potassium iodide, you can make towers of foam. Warning -- this makes a mess, so lay down plastic covers!

3. Food Saver and Marshmallows
Food savers use a vacuum to preserve food and make it stay fresh for a long time. When you put things like marshmallows under vacuum, they expand because they are mostly made of air. You can put marshmallow goodies in a food saver pump and watch them blow up.