Basketball player flees Libya, lands at O'Hare

February 24, 2011 8:31:08 PM PST
A Chicago mother who had been worried about her son in Libya is relieved.

Jimmy Williams arrived at O'Hare Airport Thursday afternoon, and his mother Sharon Williams was clearly ecstatic. He had been in Libya for five months playing professional basketball amid the chaos of a revolution.

"They cut the cell phones off, they cut the Internet off, so I had no way to talk to my family. And I was just really scared. I left all my clothes there. So I was really in a panic," said Jimmy Williams.

Williams left Libya and headed to Tunisia, the site of another similar protest just a few weeks ago. From there, he managed to board a plane for Rome and then to Chicago.

Now that he's home, he plans to rest for a few weeks and then head to Europe.