Daley wants 'common sense' gun laws

February 28, 2011 9:54:26 AM PST
After a break for vacation, Monday was a busy morning for Mayor Richard Daley.

The mayor had a breakfast meeting with his successor, Rahm Emanuel.

After discussing the ongoing transition with the mayor-elect, Daley then continued his push for what he calls "common sense" gun laws.

Mayor Daley held a news conference on the city's West Side Monday talking about gun control, gun violence and his support for more federal background checks on guns and for people who want to buy guns anywhere.

It was Mayor Daley's first public appearance since the election. Daley was on vacation during the election when Emanuel won by 55 percent of the vote. But there's been speculation on whether or not Emanuel will have the strong support and backing of the City Council like Daley.

There were several questions Monday about Daley's reaction to Emanuel's win, but Daley first asked reporters to stick to the issue of his news conference on guns.

"Why isn't America outraged about this? We get outraged by a lot of things, but why can't we be outraged when someone loses their mother, father, brother, sister, their friend or neighbor, what is taking place in America?" Daley said.

Then Daley answered the election questions and questions on the other major issue on Mayor Daley's mind -- the future of Superintendent Jody Weis, whose contract expires at the end of the day Tuesday.